Some Like it Hot is a 1959 American black and white romantic comedy film set in 1929, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. The film is about two musicians who dress in drag in order to escape from mafia gangsters whom they witnessed commit a crime inspired by the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

This film is filled with witty banter and jokes, flirtation, romance and music. Monroe, Curtis and Lemmon are all three equally fantastic in this film. Monroe, of course plays her usual sexpot and naive self, but does so very well. Curtis plays the parts of Joe, Josephine and Shell Oil Junior and the saxophone. Lemmon plays Jerry and Daphne and the double bass.

Both guys try to win Sugar’s (Monroe) heart, but Joe goes to the great length of pretending to be the CEO of Shell Oil’s son. Sugar does end up falling for him, until she finds out who he really is. Both men find love and disaster throughout the film, making it laugh until stomach hurts funny.

Monroe wears racy dresses for the time period the film is set in, but even for 1959 are risqué as well. The lead guys when trying to portray women, don’t look very feminine, making you laugh every time the two are shown.

This quick witted film is one that no matter how many times you watch it, you howl with laughter every time. It is clever, yet, at times, rather dumb, but romantic and sweet at other times as well. This film is one that can be watched over and over without getting old. It is truly one of kind. Not many rom-coms compare to the uniqueness of this one, because many from today, are predictable, unoriginal and usually rather boring and based off a book with the same qualities. This film is solid gold from beginning to end.

Besides the mafia murder scene, there is drinking and smoking throughout, as well as Sugar’s revealing attire and flirtation and mild sexual jokes and humor regarding cross dressing. So this isn’t a film for very young children, but older children can appreciate it, as there is no foul language. This film is hilarious and overall wonderful, a true classic to come back to when you need some laughter in your life. 9+ 5/5

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