The Birds is a 1963 American thriller horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock the film stars Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren and Jessica Tandy. The film follows the story of violent and unexplained bird attacks on the people of Bodega Bay, California.

This film is a thriller classic that still manages to scare and shock even today. It is bizarre and frightening, but a masterpiece, that only Alfred Hitchcock could have made and not one other director today could touch it. Even a remake would be offensive to the great filmmaker. Yes, at first this film might sound dumb, but it’s not. It is thrilling, ahead of its time and truly spectacular. Other films have been inspired by this film and overall story like Jaws and Birdbox. This film was probably this first or one of the firsts to take on the story of animals attacking people violently. It is a film that one may not want to watch over and over, but when they do watch it, they get spooked again.

Never has a film made birds more scarier than this one. It is a Hitchcock classic, that only he could have brought to life. Yes, at first the story sounds completely stupid, until you watch it. It very violent, very bizarre and overall so well done in every way, from the acting to the effects. It is realistic for the time period, making it even more great. It is truly a one of a kind piece.

The hellatious-ness of this film, adds to the horror and wickedness of the plot. You think a character is safe, but they’re not, the birds always seem to find them. They attack so violently, leaving scratches, scars, bruises, blood, tattered clothes and wild hair, making this film not for children. There is very few inappropriate words in this movie, but there is also drinking and smoking. People with weak stomachs, may not can handle the violence. But if you’re looking for something thrilling, this is a great pick.

This classic is one that never ceases to scare. It might make some people afraid of birds. But if you’re brave enough to try movies like this, then go for it, it won’t disappoint. This Hitchcock horror is just as frightening as it is outstanding. Great for Halloween or anytime you’re craving a good scare. 16+ 4.5/5

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