Quadrophenia is a 1979 British drama film loosely based on The Who’s 1973 rock opera of the same name. It was directed by Franc Roddam. Unlike the adaptation of Tommy, this is not a musical film and the band does not appear in the film.

The film stars Phil Daniels as Jimmy, a young 1960s London Mod, who leaves his dead end job as a mailroom clerk by dancing, taking drugs and partying, riding his scooter and fighting with the motorcycle riders the Rockers. The film also stars Leslie Ash as Steph, Jimmy’s love interest and Sting as a popular mod nicknamed “Ace Face.”

This film shows the rebellious side of young Londoners in the 1960s. It is violent at times, but also raw and spectacular in its storyline and portrayal. It shows the darkside of rebellious teens and twenty-somethings, with the heavy drinking, smoking, partying, drug usage and sex. This doesn’t show much of the British Invasion side of ’60s Britain, with icons like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Twiggy, it shows how non-famous rebel Brits try to make names for themselves doing bad things. The characters do lots of harmful and illegal things.

Phil Daniels and Sting are outstanding in this film. Leslie Ash does a fantastic job as well. Their acting and characters put together make this a great film, one of the best British movies of all time. The soundtrack by The Who is great too.

This film is much easier to understand and follow than Tommy. Although both soundtracks are equally fantastic. The fact this film is easier to follow, may be because it’s not a super bizarre rock opera. It is a mature drama.

The storyline of this film is tough, which may make it tough to watch for some. But it is still a powerful film today, like it was then. 18+ 4.5/5

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