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  • Greatest Foreign Films of All Time

    September 15, 2020 by

    The American Friend – 1977 Ashes and Diamonds- 1958 Belle du Jour – 1967 Un Chien Andalou – 1930 The Blue Angel – 1930 A Nous Libetre – 1931 L’Avventura – 1960 The Bicycle Thief – 1948 Boudu Saved From Drowning – 1932 Contempt – 1963 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie – 1972 Celine… Read more

  • Classic of the Week: The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

    September 3, 2020 by

    Little Shop of Horrors is a 1960 American horror comedy film directed by Roger Corman about a florist’s assistant that grows a plant that feeds on human blood. The film stars Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Dick Miller, Mel Welles and Jack Nicholson. The film combines dark humor with Jewish humor, horror and romance. This film… Read more

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