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Walt Disney Studios

When Disney dropped the first Cruella trailer on us in February they faced some much deserved controversy. The main question everyone was asking was: why Cruella? This is not Disney’s first attempt at creating a new franchise that sympathises with a villain, but it’s the first one that requires you to perform some extreme mental gymnastics in order to find a reason to feel for the villain in question. But Cruella’s irredeemability aside, the real problem that the film presents is highlighted by its cringy quoting of “I am woman; hear me roar.” Said women everywhere: we didn’t ask for this.

In a time when progressive and anti-capitalist feelings are on the rise, particularly among the younger generations who form the primary target audience of popular media, there seems to be a dissonance within the storylines of the 21st century. Curiously, it is the villains…

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