The Apartment is a 1960 American romantic comedy drama film directed by Billy Wilder. It stars Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. The film follows the story of C.C. “Bud” Baxter (Lemmon), an insurance clerk, who dreams of getting promoted at work. In those hopes, he lets higher up coworkers use his Upper West Side apartment to have extramarital affairs. Bud develops an attraction to the elevator operator, Fran Kubelik (MacLaine), who is having an affair with Bud’s Boss, Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray). Bud is a playboy who brings home a different lady each night, until he meets Fran.

This film has garnered much controversy since its release, despite winning Best Pictures at The Oscars. Some have said this film is dirty due to its portrayal of adultery and infidelity. Others have given the film positive reviews, like, “a tender and genuinely funny and romantic film.’ I personally can see both ways, the controversy and the outstanding-ness of this movie. It does make light of adultery, for most of this picture, almost saying that doing this terrible stuff is okay. But, at the same time, the main character Bud, does realize that what he is doing is wrong and that there is only one woman he wants and that is Fran.

This film is filled with sin, humor, romance and compassion. Both Lemmon and MacLaine are fantastic together. Fred McMurray is equally great. The writing is a bit on the filthy side, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie at all. Because the characters realize what is really going on and straighten it out. Fran and Bud realize who they are meant to be with and Sheldrake comes to the realization that he shouldn’t make things worse for them, himself or the company.

Of course, this not for kids of any age, as the subject matter is far too mature. There is also dreaming, as well affairs,, sex, kissing, smoking and fighting. This may make the film not seem romantic or comedic, but it is, as well as dramatic. It isn’t exactly a beautiful film, but it isn’t exactly ugly either, which to me, makes it wonderful. It is truly a movie that deserves to be watched at least nice in your life. A scandalous, yet tender story that in’t boring, over the top filthy, or cheesy. It is one that will never cease to entertain. A true masterpiece! 18 & up 4.5/5

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