Good Boys is a 2019 American coming of age comedy film directed by Gene Stupnitsky, in his directorial debut. The film stars Jacob Tremblay, Keith Williams and Brady Noon as three sixth graders who find themselves involved in many shenanigans as they try to go to a party hosted by their popular classmates.

This is a very unrealistic film, as most sixth graders do not drink, make out, buy drugs, skip school, look up porn on the internet, play with sex toys, etc. This is an extremely mature film because of those things. Very few times did I find myself actually laughing out loud. Nothing against the stars, but script is terribly written and the entire movie is quite rushed. The fact that this film is overly unrealistic, makes it even worse. No way in heck do things actually happen to tweens, nor would school board, let alone a middle school principal, allow the drama teacher to do Rock of Ages, a musical about rockstars’ lives, filled with sex, drugs, alcohol and foul language. I guess all this was Gene Stupnitsky’s idea, he didn’t want something that would happen in real life, because that might bore people. Well, I found the entire plot didn’t make this movie very good at all, in fact, I was disappointed.

After watching previews and the full trailer for this film, I had a pretty good idea as to what it was about, but I was pretty far, because I was surprised at how much more mature it is. The adultness could have been play down tons more. I’ve never heard twelve year olds say the “F” word so many times in my life, that that was a huge turn off. There could have been more typical tween stuff as well, but at least the last portion of the film, wasn’t terrible, except that Max (Tremblay) goes through three different girlfriends and Thor (Noon) ditches his friends for theater, but does come back to them.

This film, to me, didn’t deserve a theatrical release, because I can’t imagine spending money to see such a film on the big screen. It also doesn’t deserve as high of ratings as it has received. The production of this movie is a true waste of time, energy and money. Unless stupid adult comedies involving kids appeals to you, skip this one. 18+ 2/5

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