The Long Long Trailer is a 1954 is an Anscocolor road comedy film about a couple who buy a new travel trailer and spend a year traveling across the USA. The film stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Just like their TV series I Love Lucy was, this is a very silly film. Tracy and Nicky Get into trouble and try to find work along the way for Nicky who is a civil engineer. They meet lots of different people, visit family, stay in various RV parks and eat at various cheap restaurants.

This film is pretty much typical Lucy and Desi comedy. It’s much like a long episode of Lucy. Not much different except the characters’ names and the settings. Both Ball and Arnaz do good jobs as Tracy and Nicholas Collini, but that’s it. There is far too much silliness and slapstick humor in this film to really call it great, because it’s far from it.

It is neat seeing the different places they travel to, but that is really the best thing about this film, besides some of the laugh out loud scenes. They kiss several times, which make the film somewhat sweet. They also fight, but it is done humorously. All the “violence” is slapstick, so nothing is intense.

Overall, this is a pretty funny film, that’s much campier than their show. It isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either, it’s just okay, nothing spectacular. It’s a cute film that older kids and any Lucy fan might enjoy. The cheesiness of this movie is what makes it funny, but maybe Ball and Arnaz should have just stuck with television, because this film was nothing more than long episode of their show, only cheesier. 8+ 3.5/5

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